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Hearing Aids

Patients suffering from sensorineural hearing loss (nerve damage to the inner ear) are often candidates for a hearing aid. A hearing aid is an electronic device with a small microphone that amplifies weak sounds through a small speaker. Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. And because hearing loss affects people in different ways, you need to get the right device for you.

In most cases, a programmable digital hearing aid will be recommended. The audiologist fits and programs the hearing aid with a computer and then adjusts the sound quality and response time on an individual basis. Digital hearing aids can be finely programmed to compensate for a patient’s hearing loss at different decibel levels, allowing the patient to adjust the hearing aid based on their immediate environment. They use a microphone, receiver, battery, and computer chip to provide the most flexibility for the audiologist to make adjustments to the hearing aid.

In addition to dispensing a complete line of programmable and digital hearing aids for our patients, North Valley Hearing Center, LLC provides complete service and repair. Based on the hearing device chosen, the range of services may include:

  • 60-day trial on all new hearing aids
  • One and/or two year warranty on repairs
  • One and/or two year warranty for loss and damage
  • Quarterly cleanings and adjustments
  • Annual audiometric screenings (during warranty period)
  • Annual hearing instrument evaluation